What About the Bush Tax Cuts?

A lot has been said about the Bush tax cuts and whether to eliminate them, eliminate parts of them while keeping others, or to keep them. I’m a big fan of tax cuts of any kind and would like to see the cuts made permanent, but I doubt that will happen with Obama in the White House.

Left-wingers claim that these tax cuts caused our current financial and economic situation. Conservatives disagree with this, but haven’t proposed any coherent solutions of their own (with the possible exception of Rep. Paul Ryan).

I have a solution to the real problem – that is the exploding size of the federal government. Since liberals seem so intent on wiping away Bush’s legacy, let’s take the size of the federal government back to Bill Clinton’s last year when the federal government spent a mere $1.9 trillion.

Government didn’t seem too small back when Clinton left office, but federal spending has doubled since then to $3.8 trillion! That is our real economic problem and I’d like to see someone argue how that extra $1.9 trillion in federal spending has made us more secure and economically-prosperous than we were 10 years ago.

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4 Replies to “What About the Bush Tax Cuts?”

  1. Speaking of Clinton, when Bush took over our tax intake was almost able to cover our cost of doing business, then we had the tax cuts and we saw deficit spending raise its head again in earnest. Bush would go on to double the national debt. Now of course, we have Obama pushing to double it again. The Bush tax cuts need to expire. Sure, I will pay more but it’s a step in the right direction. America has been living on borrowed money for too long and let’s be fair, the Republicans have done nothing to dilute the problem despite claims to being the party of fiscal responsibility.

  2. MARK R…so what makes you [think] that raising taxes [rolling back the Bush cuts] will go toward paying off the debt?? How is it possible that every AMERICAN, aside from the 20-30% lemmings, has not yet grasped the FACTS and has still not understood the REAL agenda of the ALIEN PRESIDENT …the man has given us his plans/beliefs in so many ways…he has put much of what he plans in operation already… What the hell is it you people do not understand? What has happened to my country..my people?

  3. before, the main issue is out-of-control spending, but raising taxes will not help our economy and is simply a cover for higher spending.

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