What about the children Speaker Egolf?

This tweet was posted on Thursday, November 19. The writer is New Mexico Speaker of the House Brian Egolf’s Chief of Staff. Of course, most major New Mexico school districts have shut down in-person learning and the rest are doing “hybrid” learning at best. Sports were shut down in New Mexico including golf and cross country.

And this all comes on top of the fact that the left’s own advocacy group ranks New Mexico 50th for children’s well being. This, in spite (or more likely because of) New Mexico’s 90+ years of Democrat dominance.

As RGF responds, have YOU heard anything from Speaker Egolf about the way Gov. Lujan Grisham has handled the lockdown? Has he said New Mexico schools should reopen or that fall non-contact sports should be played? We haven’t heard whether the Speaker will support efforts to reign in the power of this or any governor to take such drastic action as we have seen during this crisis over many months and without legislative input.