What do other studies from other states show about film subsidies?

When it comes to film subsidies in New Mexico, the Rio Grande Foundation is about the only organization that publicly, clearly stands in opposition. Some even wonder if our position is legitimate given that it is such a “minority” viewpoint.

Ironically, outside of New Mexico, there is relatively widespread agreement that film subsidies are poor public policy. The following links are just some of the reports generated in recent years in opposition to film subsidies.

University Journal
Rutgers Journal of Law & Policy

Legislative Agency
North Carolina General Assembly

From the left:

Center for Budget and Policy Priorities
Columnist Michael Kinsley
Gerry Bradley, New Mexico Voices for Children
Louisiana Budget Project

Heartland Institute
Tax Foundation
Mackinac Center (Michigan)

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3 Replies to “What do other studies from other states show about film subsidies?”

    1. Yes, that is another good one. There are so many and all of the ones with respectable methodology come to the same conclusion. Unfortunately, that puts them (and me) in a distinct minority in New Mexico.

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