What I saw at Calvary Church on Christmas Eve

I never in a million years thought that going to church would be an act of civil disobedience and that holding services would result in fines being imposed, but that  is where things stand these days in New Mexico. The Gov.’s often belligerent spokesman Tripp Stelnicki even called the Christmas Eve gatherings “illegal and selfish.”

I attended the Christmas Eve service held at 3pm with my family. It was definitely “not legal” under the Gov.’s orders, but overwhelming majorities of attendees DID have masks on and seating was in every other row. I actually watched the proceedings outside near a lovely and warm fire but my entire family watched inside and no one is sick or showing signs of illness five days after the fact.

I don’t know where this all goes next. I for one would be willing to let the Gov. send the police in and force them to arrest me and others. It has gotten to that point.  By the way, if others don’t want to attend church or go out in public, they have every right to live that way. It is none of my business. But, if I want to keep living my life that is called freedom and it is something Americans used to care for.

I don’t have pictures of church. My kids took their masks off for pictures with Santa after church though. Also, Skip’s sermon was great. I’m new to Calvary. As a frustrated Catholic I have enjoyed my experience so far at Calvary services and events.


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  1. We had a similar experience. There was masks and hand sanitizer available at every entrance. Seating every other row and signs encouraging everyone to social distance from other families. We sat outside for part of the service and then went an overflow room which was nearly empty to watch the rest. It was heartening to see everyone together celebrating the season after this miserable and difficult year.

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