What if it had been reversed?

“Protesters Scuffle with Lobbyists” reads the extremely misleading headline in the Albuquerque Journal. At least the New Mexican acknowledged that many of the attendees at ALEC’s recent dinner in Santa Fe were indeed lawmakers and thus deserving of more respect than reviled lobbyists.

But what if a group of right-wing goons (or heaven-forbid Tea Partiers) had forcibly disrupted a peaceful meeting of the ACLU or Friends of the Earth? Straight out of Germany in the 1930’s, right?

Of course, we already know that the “Occupy” movement is not keen on the first amendment. See here and here. So, what would a more descriptive headline have been? How about “Anti-free speech protesters forcibly disrupt peaceful, private meeting.”

Personally, I hope the “Occupy” folks continue their “brown-shirt”‘ tactics as it only further discredits their so-called movement.

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2 Replies to “What if it had been reversed?”

  1. Brown-shirt group Occupy Las Cruces has scheduled a first quarter anniversary from 2 to 5 pm today, Saturday, Jan. 28, at the occupation site in Albert Johnson Park, 200 E. Picacho. According to their news release in yesterday’s Bulletin, “people from all walks of life have joined together to for a coalition of concerned citizens who are advocating for legal, economic, political and environmental justice as well as social equality.”
    Once again, the socialist brown-shirts paint with too-broad strokes as they attempt to include my walk of life with theirs. Subtle tactics, for sure.

    Paul, I applaud your take on the arrogance of the Santa Fe invaders.

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