What is she thinking?

Heather Wilson strikes again. She has supported President Bush without fail on an unpopular Iraq War, but when it comes to fiscal issues, she is the first one to spend more money or expand government even more than Bush who has admittedly done a poor job of restraining government.
Now, it turns out that where President Bush is trying to restrain spending and stop a massive tax hike, it is New Mexico’s Heather Wilson who is leading the charge for more spending. The program is SCHIP, a program that, if expanded, is a big, incremental step towards nationalized health care. David Hogberg and I discussed this and some of the many reasons expansion should be opposed a few weeks ago in the American Spectator.
No matter how “tough” Wilson’s Congressional seat may be, voting for tax hikes and a massive expansion of government is inexcusable. Wilson is a prime example of a “big-government Republican.”