What “Net Zero” means

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham didn’t offer many specifics about her plans for a second term during the campaign, but she has actively supported such legislation and will likely do so in the 2023 session. 

Energy analyst Alex Epstein has thoughts:

Epstein is definitely worth a follow on social media and he sends regular emails. Furthermore on the issue of “net-zero” Epstein argues:

In practice “net zero” means: rapidly eliminate most fossil fuel use.

“Net zero by 2050” policies include:

    • Escalating restrictions or bans of fossil fuel development
    • Escalating restrictions or bans of fossil fuel use
    • Mandates of alternatives
    • Subsidies for alternatives
    • (Often) hostility to development
    • (Often) hostility to nuclear

Even left-wing environmental groups and their supporters believe “net-zero” is a way to placate current political trends while punting “actual” action into the future.