What’s happening in Santa Fe? House Dems propose “Economic Opportunity Plan”

The Rio Grande Foundation is tracking the goings-on in Santa Fe. Despite New Mexico’s worst-in-the-nation unemployment rate, most of the action — with the session more than half-over — has been on drivers licenses and “tough on crime” policies. That is not to say that large numbers of bills –including several economic reforms — haven’t passed the New Mexico House only to lay stacked on Majority Leader Michael Sanchez’s desk. It is true that there has been a shift in priorities (as you can see from the list of House-passed bills).

Click on Sanchez’s picture to go to that site: 

One group that claims to understand the need to focus on economic issues is the House Democrats. They rolled out their “Economic Opportunity Plan”  which House Democratic Leader, Representative Brian Egolf (D-Santa Fe) claims — with no research whatsoever — would reduce the State’s unemployment to 3.9%. That would take us from dead-last to tied with Idaho for 11th. 

These are the very same  people who, when they finally got booted from office after 52 years of House dominance, had helped New Mexico to the worst poverty rate in the nation. Needless to say, the most significant parts of their agenda comes from the far-left playbook although many of the bills on the lengthy list like (HB 11: Shaken Baby Syndrome Educational Materials) seem almost trivial and unrelated to the New Mexico economy.

  • HJR 10: Tap the Permanent Fund for Early Childhood Education;
  • HB 125: Increase Minimum Wage;
  • HB 255: New Higher Income Tax Bracket
  • HB 89: Public Employee Salary Increases

Interestingly, though the group decries the emphasis by Gov. Martinez on criminal justice issues, their list of public safety bills is almost along as the rest of their bills combined. Mostly, the “Economic Opportunity Plan” seems to be a laundry list of bills proposed by House Democrats during the 2016 session. There is no philosophical approach (besides more and bigger government). There is no analysis provided as to their impact. Just the old “Trust Us!”

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3 Replies to “What’s happening in Santa Fe? House Dems propose “Economic Opportunity Plan””

  1. The four Democrat initiatives you list above are a parody of what’s wrong with the Democratic party, material for an SNL skit. Let me rephrase the above:

    HJR 10: Increase the number of teachers who will then join the teachers unions, pay dues, etc.
    HB 125: Make it harder for poorly educated New Mexican kids to get a job, ergo more likely they will be unemployed, on welfare, and eventually “victims” who will vote for their saviors, the Democrats;
    HB 255: Drive out the most successful, discourage the meritorious from moving here, punish the “exploiters.” Mostly damn Republicans, anyway.
    HB 89: Exacerbate the real income inequality, that between public workers and private sector workers.

    Lots of material for Republicans, or somebody, to campaign on.

    1. shockingly evil , and the people behind it are clueless selfish worms unfit to be New Mexicans . Why doesn’t the Rio Grande Foundation start it’s own country and stop leeching off New Mexico ?

      1. What the hell are you talking about there Charles? For starters, we can’t start our own country as there is no land left with which to do so. I for one like New Mexico and want to prevent it from being 50th and 49th in all the good things as it has been for years.

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