What’s the latest on ObamaCare: Medicaid Woes/Poor Performance/Infringing on Religious Freedom

 There is still plenty going on relating to the health care law known as ObamaCare. Of course New Mexicans are dealing with the budgetary implications of Medicaid expansion under the law.  Expansion of Medicaid, by the way, “had no statistically significant effect on several measures of physical health” in the gold-standard study of the issue.
And, while Obama is touting his law’s “success,” the reality as detailed inhttp://www.forbes.com/sites/theapothecary/2016/03/30/now-we-are-six-obamacares-disturbing-underperformance-in-a-nutshell/#1a55d7bf5d23 Forbes is that the law is performing poorly:
Obamacare is not only failing to cover 9 million Americans who were promised coverage, but those who are getting coverage now cost 18% more than had been expected just 12 months ago. But if those being covered are sicker, then it is pretty clear that insurers will have to raise premiums to  cover this higher cost, which in turn is going to discourage at least some current enrollees from sticking with Obamacare in the future.  But those most likely to drop coverage will be those in the best health, so with each passing year, we can expect this tilt towards an unhealthy population to simply get amplified.
Lastly, the Little Sisters of the Poor were recently before the US Supreme Court. The absurd nature of ObamaCare is illustrated in the cartoon below, but this article details their religious liberty case and why there is cause for optimism.  More information including links to to view and share the following cartoon/chart is available from the Becket Fund.