What’s wrong with a food stamp work requirement?

Those meanies in the Martinez Administration have announced that they are going to reimpose a work requirement on recipients of food stamps. That’s the program that has seen its budget explode in recent years. Growth was particularly pronounced during the recession, but was growing steadily in cost during the economic boom immediately prior to the recession:

Not surprisingly, the usual left-wing proponents of unlimited government spending are opposed to any effort to curtail the free goodies, including Rep. Lujan-Grisham.

But this “work requirement” is hardly the onerous burden the advocates claim. It is only 20 hours and those hours could be spent volunteering in the community. Yes, the classic single mom with kids will always face the issue of babysitting, but perhaps the discussion to have should be over how to reduce the number of single moms out there rather than constantly demanding that taxpayers give them free stuff?

Besides, even if you can’t get a job in New Mexico’s current, poor economy, sitting on your butt at home isn’t going to help you build the skills or network to find a new, paying job. Doing something productive for 20 hours a week in exchange for food stamps is very reasonable.

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4 Replies to “What’s wrong with a food stamp work requirement?”

  1. It seems that unwed motherhood is a racket. Take for example the situation here of grandmothers who send their 14 year old granddaughters to the doctor to find out why they cannot get pregnant.

    Perhaps payments to unwed mothers should not be considered until the girl is 18 and is legally an adult. Up until that time, any babies must be the responsibility of the family who should be held accountable for the moral education of their children. Regardless of the morally bankrupt pop culture, traditional values need to dominate sexual mores as the family is the basis of a solid nation. It is a grave injustice to a child to deprive it of two caring parents.

    I would add that mandatory drug testing be part of any program for public assistance. Government needs to move away from fostering dependency and irresponsibility.

  2. Now that free birth control is the law if the land, single mothers move from ‘victim’ to ‘volunteer’ status. I am anxious to hear the next group of excuses.

  3. The Liberals say this is not the time for this due to our current NM economic climate. To them there never is a Good Time. Keep the “Gravy Train” a rolling. Everybody is a VICTIM.

  4. There is no such thing as a “single” mother. There is always a father. He and his family should also be responsible. Honestly, I do not think anyone should get FoodStamps. Public cafeteria. Show up 3 times a day for a meal. Same with any welfare. Go to the Welfare Office every morning at 8AM to punch in and look at job listings. Punch out at 5PM. There will be no turning down a job. Sound cruel? How about government stealing my money so they can give it to lazy people. That is not just cruel but criminal.

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