What’s Wrong with the Governor?

Anyone who regularly reads this blog knows that we do not engage in personal attacks. We may have policy disagreements, but we don’t generally go after people as individuals. That said, I’m not really sure Governor Richardson has been on an even keel since he return from the campaign trail. First was the statement that doctors were being “greedy” for not going along with his health care plan. While I think this statement is false on its face, it is hard to see the political wisdom of publicly attacking the very health care professionals whose mission it is to make us well. Besides, doctors are people we all deal with personally and, while we may associate their presence with both physical and financial pain, they are certainly viewed more favorably than the nameless and faceless insurance companies.
Of course, attacking doctors was only the start for Richardson. Today he essentially told the Legislature — both houses of which are dominated by his fellow Democrats — “bring it on” (subscription required) when some lawmakers suggested he’s entered his lame duck phase as governor.
As if this belligerent attitude were not enough, the Governor topped his rhetoric off by publicly disagreeing with his Attorney General (also a Democrat) regarding what should be a relatively minor bill deadline and then challenging his Lieutenant Governor over whether she is deserving of security or not.
Something is just not right. While it is to be expected that the Governor would disagree with Republicans and veto their projects from the just-signed budget, he seems to be lashing out at anyone and everyone who crosses him, possibly due to his frustrations on the campaign trail.
While we at the Rio Grande Foundation don’t agree with him very often on policy matters, it would seem that the “wounded bear” routine won’t do much for his efforts to pass his health care agenda and other items. Perhaps he’ll shake it off, but until he does, he isn’t doing himself any favors…and that’s probably a good thing for taxpayers.