When NM’s government agencies adopt left-wing agendas

Today’s Albuquerque Journal included yet another ill-informed left-wing screed. We’d actually agree with their concerns about TIDD’s, but much of the piece simply attacked Gov. Martinez, Mayor Berry, and the very concept of “the private sector.”

Nothing new there except that it was written by someone from a group called “Bernalillo County Place Matters.” Being the curious sort, I “googled” the group and found that their “partners,” include, aside from the usual left wing fellow-travelers and funders (Voices for Children, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and Southwest Organizing Project) a number of government entities. These taxpayer-financed “partners” include: New Mexico Department of Health, UNM Health Science Center, UNM School of Architecture and Planning, and Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge.

It is one things for free market institutes like Rio Grande Foundation to fight and win the battle of ideas against our better-funded left-wing opponents, but it is another thing entirely to have taxpayer-financed entities take ideologically-liberal stances on various public policy issues. In the next few days, we will be reaching out to these government entities to see why they are involved in an entity that engages in left-wing policy attacks in the local media. More to come…

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3 Replies to “When NM’s government agencies adopt left-wing agendas”

  1. Jacque Garcia’s article really is a screed. It bemoans failure to spend on infrastructure, failure to call a special session to vote on the capital expenditure bill and failure to devote enough government resources to families, among other complaints. The article fails to point out that any collapse of infrastructure in NM has occurred in a state that has single party Democratic rule at the state level since 1931; that the capital outlay bill had been overwhelmingly approved by the House but Michael Sanchez, Dem Senate majority leader did not even permit the bill to be voted on in the senate;that an astounding 44% of New Mexican children are being raised in single parent homes and attempts to reform the sclerotic public school system in NM by the Martinez administration have been opposed at every step by the teachers’ unions and their Democratic allies in the state legislature.

    1. Thanks, and as I point out in the original article, several government agencies have signed on as “partners” with this organization. We’ll be following up with them.

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