When you are IN the Legislature and don’t want to take the blame for your failures

The list of awful New Mexico legislators is a long one. You can find more about Rep. McQueen and his big-government voting record here.

When the House GOP took to Twitter to rightfully point out that New Mexico remains a donut hole of bad economic policy in the American Southwest, Rep. McQueen responded with a Tweet of his own blaming none other than Susana Martinez for the last decade’s failings. Of course, New Mexico ALSO has one of the highest unemployment rates in the US. I’m sure Susana Martinez can be blamed for that as well.

McQueen is a sitting member of the New Mexico House. Does he not know who makes the laws in our State? (Hint, it’s the Legislature).

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3 Replies to “When you are IN the Legislature and don’t want to take the blame for your failures”

  1. It does nothing to point fingers at others because by the time you notice the problem, whether they DID it is almost moot. There is only clean-up left, & repair & righting the problem to the best we can.
    Take responsibility. Them for what they have or not done & us for putting them where they could do harm. The face of politics is changing but only when the resolve turns to working together for the individual.
    Until we come apart in the very huge sense of doing what the state wants, into doing what the individuals making up the state want, we cannot come together in a common purpose/vision.
    I liken to driving a vehicle with one huge tire.
    There are problems looming that need attention & a common drive to resolve with the water shortages & increased needs for infrastructure repairs. Not a trivialization, more an alert. We need to pay attention to all of it.

  2. Ms Martinez “enjoyed” the same circumstance all Republican governors have: two legislative houses aligned against her. NO “R” governor in over 90 years has had both houses aligned with them.
    This has been a single-party state for decades (a Bill McCamley desire), and look where we are! In a single-party state the party becomes the state – Evidence? – Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, National Socialist Germany – ALL leftist. (To be honest, we cannot call Stalinism, Maoism, Hitlerism political systems, however seemingly politically leftist – they were foils for slavery and murder).

    McQueen appears ignorant both historically and politically, and seems bent on following California into something less than a state, and far more a feudal empire.

    Now we have Mexican cartels making immigration policy, teacher’s unions making educational policy, cities of 1 million plus making national environmental policy, China and big-tech making economic policy, and a single party in Washington passing on all policy with winners and losers, however dangerous and evil. A serious devolution even from the Obama years, and FDR, horrible periods in our history.

    And all this from a democrat of over 50 years (albeit, a Jeffersonian democrat, and a true Federalist – l’il ol’ me!

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