Where are the bus riders on Coors?

I live off Coors just south of Montano. While I don’t oppose buses and often notice full buses — both Rapid Ride and regular — on Central when I’m over there. Unfortunately, the new Rapid Ride buses which form the so-called Blue Line along Coors are constantly empty or they have one or maybe two riders. Of course, if you believe the transit department’s press releases, the Blue Line has been nothing but a success. Unfortunately, getting objective data out of the transit department is not an easy task, but it would seem that the city could have gotten away with smaller buses or even vans rather than the massive, articulated buses now used.
Outside of a few isolated areas in this city, traditional mass transit is simply not feasible. We should keep this in mind as another round of public hearings and comment sessions (you can comment online) is held on mass transit in and around Albuquerque.