Where are the jobs?

The talk in Santa Fe, Washington, and all over the nation is about jobs. How to get them, how to grow them, and how to keep one once you have one. As this interesting blog points out, one way to help the job situation would be to eliminate the minimum wage.

The point is to not have a bunch of heads-of-household supporting their families on less than $7.25 an hour, but with teenagers having an unemployment rate of 24%, it would be great to have more young people benefiting from learning the skills of work and obtaining some extra money rather than hanging around on the streets and hunting for a job.

This doesn’t even factor in what would be derived from taxes paid and the businesses that would gain from a new pool of workers.

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One Reply to “Where are the jobs?”

  1. Discuss wages all you want. Until the job-killing liberalism that runs and ruins this state is destroyed, there won’t be enough jobs to go around. NM is run by liberals who don’t want too many jobs. They would rather steal excessive taxes from those who have jobs and then give that stolen money to those without to force them to vote for liberal Patrons. Vote right or no freebies. It is the great NM liberal way.

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