Where does New Mexico head in 2021?

According to the latest from our State “overlords” New Mexico is “halfway there” in terms of COVID 19 (whatever that means).

That means that far from being a breath of fresh air, 2021 will simply mean “more of the same” for New Mexico as it will be locked down and your freedoms will remain “on hiatus” until September as Scrase states in the article.

One of the many problems with such statements is that they don’t give us any useful information. For starters:

Cliffs Amusement Park says they need to open this March in order to save their business. Is that realistic or are they likely to lose ANOTHER full season?

Are bowling alleys, ice rinks, movie theaters, concert venues (inside and out) going to be treated the same or is there any way they can reopen sooner than later?

What about churches?

Will the Albuquerque Isotopes have a season or not?

Does this mean (as we suspect) that students in New Mexico’s government-run schools will not return to in-person learning until next fall?

Are restaurants REALLY going to be closed to indoor dining until we get out of red or can something be done to help them this winter like we saw with big-box stores?

The State Fair is expected to begin on September 9. What needs to happen for that to open as planned?

What about spring sports for New Mexico student/athletes?

Are there other businesses or cultural events you worry might be lost completely OR lost for a 2nd-consecutive year thanks to the Gov. and her heavy-handed COVID policies? Send us a note: info@riograndefoundation.org

New Year'S Day Year 2021 - Free image on Pixabay