Where does New Mexico’s electricity CURRENTLY come from?

Recently we were sent a link to a new report from the folks at Choose Energy. The analysis shows how each state generates its electricity and how much is generated. We compared New Mexico with a few of its neighbors as well as California which is pursuing similar policies. You can see these data below and the full report above.

Here are a few interesting insights:

  1. It is shocking how little electricity California generates considering that it’s population is 25% higher. This means California must import a lot of electricity from other states (including New Mexico).
  2. New Mexico could certainly do wonders for its electricity generation mix by adopting nuclear energy, but the Energy Transition Act does not consider nuclear “clean.” Even natural gas is underutilized in New Mexico. For some time New Mexico will continue to rely on coal especially considering PNM’s concerns about shutting down San Juan Generating Station next June.