Where things stand in NM Legislature

There are less than two weeks left in New Mexico’s short 30-day legislative session (it ends at noon on Thursday the 15th. A lot can happen over the next few weeks, but here are a few points:

1) Most of the solutions to New Mexico’s problems aren’t being seriously discussed in the Legislature. GRT reform, broad based tax reductions, onerous regulations, serious reforms to New Mexico’s failed education system, and legislation to curtail crime have either not been introduced or have already been killed.

A few minor tax reforms (and some unnecessary tax hikes) have been introduced. We await the tax package. Overall, this Gov. and Legislature are incapable of big-picture, positive economic reforms.

2) To date the most notable issues this session have been paid family leave (HB 6 and SB3) and guns. There WILL be a tax omnibus bill (HB 547 was last year’s and it was largely vetoed). That tax bill (and whether it has pro-growth tax cuts or anti-growth hikes OR mostly subsidies) will have a major impact on the overall success or failure of this session as a whole.  The Clean Fuel Standard (HB 41) and some other oil and gas bills like HB 133 could also negatively impact New Mexicans and the economy.

3) The saddest and most notable part of the session seems to be the abject lack of vision. Considering that the Democrats have held power in New Mexico for nearly a century, they seem to prefer the status quo. No major economic, education, or crime reforms means their lock on power continues (with more money available thanks to oil and gas).