Who are the “jobs” presidents?

The chart below shows just how terrible Obama’s record is:

A few more points.

1) Presidents obviously don’t operate in a vaccum (Congress and world events play a role), but the deficit was the lowest under Clinton of any modern president, thus defying critics of spending cuts on the left and right.

2) Presidents don’t create or destroy a single job, but the policies that they and Congress enact have a tremendous impact on the long-term health of the economy.

3) George W. Bush was a terrible president (saved only by Obama’s even more pitiful record) who makes Jimmy Carter look great by comparison. Sorry folks, Carter deregulated the airlines, trucking, and not-to-be forgotten, the craft beer industry. Bush’s tax cuts, while nice at the time (and I support their preservation), have, along with Obama’s subsequent health care and regulatory policies like Dodd/Frank, contributed to greater economic uncertainty as their renewal is debated on a monthly basis. Of course, they don’t make up for his terrible record on spending and regulation.

4) As the years wear on, Bill Clinton looks better and better.

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7 Replies to “Who are the “jobs” presidents?”

  1. George Mason University is a conservative mouthpiece. The number for Obama is simply false.

    Because, as you say, presidents do not operate in a vacuum, you should show a chart of filibusters of jobs bills in these administrations. In that context–a consideration unknown in some circles–the fact that Obama’s unemployment rate is only half a percentage point above Bush’s is remarkable. Given the growth in population of working age people in the sluggish economy, Obama deserves credit that the number is not worse.

    1. So, you have some better numbers? Obama’s party controlled Congress for half of his term. What did those policies do to spur job creation?

  2. Remember the “Everyone should have a house” push the Dems got through? Remember how that caused the collapse of the housing market as the sub-prime mortgages came due? During most of George W Bush’s Presidency, the unemployment rate was very low- it was only in that last year that Fanny and Freddie destroyed the economy. “Feel good” legislation, passed with a warm heart and a numb mind, left us where we are today.

  3. Give me a break. Anyone who had been president [even
    Jimmy Carter] would have ended up looking good with
    the Silicone Valley explosion! Thank Bill Gates & Steve

    1. Okay, but Clinton also signed welfare reform (yes, thanks to Newt and the Republicans), got NAFTA passed, and did not attempt to spend or regulate as much as Obama (to name just one).

  4. George Mason University is hardly a conservative mouthpiece. If anything, one could call Gorge Mason libertarian in its philosophy, and Michael Hays would be hard pressed to cite evidence that the University has any affinity with any political party.

  5. 1. The Real Obama unemployment number is more like 15%
    2. Clinton benefited from a Republican Congress and a run-up to the tech boom-crash; the crash which actually recovered under Bush as opposed to the current boom/crash inspired by Dimocrats pushing subprime loans.

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