Who is Tom Woods and why should you come see him speak?

Tom Woods, like all of our luncheon speakers this year (John Stossel, Jonah Goldberg, and Mark Mix) is a strong advocate for liberty. Tom is a scholar at the Ludwig Von Mises Institute. Mises was a so-called “Austrian” economist and, according to this article from Forbes, “The Greatest Thinker You’ve Never Read.”

So, what does Tom Woods have to say? You can read his articles here:

Woods explains why the free market did not cause the economic crisis of 2008;

Why the Great Depression was so “great”;

and why Paul Krugman of the New York Times is wrong about the housing crisis (and so much more).

In other words, Tom Woods is an incredible speaker and freedom-fighter. You should hear what he has to say at an RGF luncheon in Albuquerque on October 12.