Who paid for MLG’s Scottish COP Adventure (and how did she get there)?

The moment Gov. Lujan Grisham hopped on a plane (presumably) to fly over to Scotland, we at the Rio Grande Foundation filed a public records request to find out exactly what carbon emitting form of transportation she used to get over there to hector us on OUR CO2 emissions all while her and several staffers emit massive amounts of carbon on their trip.

A) She (and staff) flew over to Scotland in coach;

B) She (and staff) flew over in First Class;

C) They all took a private jet (as did hundreds of other attendees).

So, we filed a public records request to find out. You can see the response to that request below. Long story, short: the taxpayers didn’t pay for the trip, so, they don’t have to provide the information. Here is the letter responding to our records request.

We’re assuming that a well-funded radical environmental group paid for the trip and will be filing further requests to that effect. Seems like our Gov.’s travel arrangements costing thousands of dollars to attend a foreign conference should be a public record, no? Will it be reported in her campaign contribution instead?

Climate change: Should you fly, drive or take the train? - BBC News

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3 Replies to “Who paid for MLG’s Scottish COP Adventure (and how did she get there)?”

  1. MLG’s campaign contributor’s. Climate change, except for the Nord strom2 Russian pipeline, Michelle and biden are fighting climate change with their continued polluting of the skies, in the name of climate change. John Kerry the master polluter fighting climate change as he gives away American interests to our enemies.

  2. Could have improved our energy efficiency and reduced emissions and kept more resources for the future generations with an energy fee and monthly dividend to all and let the public decide what to do as individuals or as a community. MLG and the globalists want you to provide the ingredients for their Build Back Biden cake,
    (taxes and debt),
    for you to bake their cake,
    (let them take your labor for funding their pet expensive projects such as new very expensive and unproven new nuclear power plants, and even new interstate highways.)
    and they get to eat the whole cake too!
    (get the campaign cash from their chosen winners such as giving priority to 5G providers which the FCC did not even do the safety studies.)

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