Why are think tanks like Rio Grande Foundation so darn effective?

If you follow the work of the Rio Grande Foundation closely, you might be amazed at the amount of work we do and the impact we’re having on public policy debates in New Mexico. In particular, this involves getting the pro-liberty, limited government message out in a place (New Mexico) that is in desperate need of it. Far be it from me to toot our own horn, but I don’t think there is another organization anywhere near our size that has as dramatic an impact on public policy debates. Just ask the paranoid liberals over at Albuquerque Journal Watch who said this recently “The Rio Grande Foundation’s unannounced reign over the Albuquerque Journal’s op-ed page continues unabated.”

Why is that? Well, I’d like to take all the credit or at least share it between myself and other employees, but it isn’t just us. Think tanks are really great vehicles for policy change. Read more about why that is true in this excellent article. Oh, and if you support our work and want to help us, please consider making a donation here.