Why does Isaac Benton find political engagement “despicable?”

Albuquerque City Councilor and candidate Isaac Benton is not a favorite of the Rio Grande Foundation and those who enjoy freedom. Benton’s basic philosophy seems to be one of “government knows best” and “money is no object,” especially when it comes to taxes.

Now, he has even called someone “despicable” for the sin of spending money in opposition to one of Benton’s cherished big-spending projects, a traffic roundabout in the North Valley. The roundabout seems to be on the shelf for now in favor of a left turn arrow, but it would have cost taxpayers $1.5 million and slowed traffic which concerned many neighbors including the man who donated $40,000 to the anti-roundabout campaign.

Remember, Benton is supposed to be a “public servant.” If I called my boss “despicable” for engaging in legal, even laudable activity, I wouldn’t be in my job for long. After all, this donation clearly is not going to some kind of favor for the donor. He’s not getting a government contract or trying to curry favor. Rather, he’s putting up money to educate and get across a particular point of view.

I guess where Mr. Benton is concerned, having an opposing point of view and being willing to act on it qualifies as “despicable.” He’d rather us act like a bunch of minions.

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4 Replies to “Why does Isaac Benton find political engagement “despicable?””

  1. For Councilor Benton to call those with a reasonable difference of opinion “despicable” is nothing short of “the pot calling the kettle black.”

    I suggest he at least attempt being a “public servant” instead of “snoozing” on the essential, by focusing on personal trivia.

  2. Does anyone know the genesis of this push for round-a-bouts? Having spent quite a while driving in Europe, I see no reason for them and certainly would not be in favor of bringing them here.

    1. There is certainly a NIMBY element…people who moved in and have lived on busy streets for years or decades suddenly see an opportunity to slow motorists down. There is also an anti-car mentality among some councilors and some in the public. These people will do whatever they can to make driving more difficult.

  3. When my husband and I lived in New Jersey, there were a few roundabouts that we encountered. If there was any serious amount of traffic, it all got jammed up at the roundabout. A roundabout for Albuquerque is a really bad idea.

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