Why is Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce encouraging higher wage mandate?

This article has been updated (as of 3/3/17) based on conversations w/ the Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce

Government-mandated price floors are bad public policy. Minimum wages fall into the same category even though they are often popular with those who think wage mandates come with no cost.

But why in the world would the Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce actively support a $9.00/hour minimum wage?

Notably, Albuquerque already has an $8.80 minimum wage, but most areas outside the Rio Grande Corridor are at the currently-mandated $7.50 an hour. This legislation will hurt businesses and low-skilled workers in those areas of the state while barely impacting Albuquerque. It would be better if the Albuquerque Chamber just stayed out as this really doesn’t affect them.

No matter what the motive, too many Republicans who should know better are falling for the deception. SB 386 just passed out of the Senate on a 24-6 vote. That means bipartisan support. Hopefully House Republicans better appreciate the perils of government-wage mandates. They may lose, but at least fight the good fight. As for the Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce, it may be time for members to give their leadership an Economics 101 lesson.

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