Why is the New Mexico Legislature Subsidizing a Partisan Group?

This week, it was reported that a partisan Democratic Party organization, Emerge New Mexico, has been authorized by the Legislative Council to use the Senate chambers in the Roundhouse. What has not been mentioned, but I believe is a critical point, is that they are not being charged for the use of the space.

Certainly, the Roundhouse is a waste of some very nice space for many months of the year and I (and most taxpayers) probably wouldn’t have a problem with allowing groups like Boys State to use it for free or other non-profit organizations to use it for a fee. I just find it hard to believe that taxpayers of this state are being asked to subsidize the activities of a partisan organization by letting them use public facilities free of charge.

It is not too late. Hopefully policy makers will ask Emerge to pay a fair rate for the use of taxpayer facilities.