Why is the New Mexico Legislature Subsidizing a Partisan Group?

This week, it was reported that a partisan Democratic Party organization, Emerge New Mexico, has been authorized by the Legislative Council to use the Senate chambers in the Roundhouse. What has not been mentioned, but I believe is a critical point, is that they are not being charged for the use of the space.

Certainly, the Roundhouse is a waste of some very nice space for many months of the year and I (and most taxpayers) probably wouldn’t have a problem with allowing groups like Boys State to use it for free or other non-profit organizations to use it for a fee. I just find it hard to believe that taxpayers of this state are being asked to subsidize the activities of a partisan organization by letting them use public facilities free of charge.

It is not too late. Hopefully policy makers will ask Emerge to pay a fair rate for the use of taxpayer facilities.

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4 Replies to “Why is the New Mexico Legislature Subsidizing a Partisan Group?”

  1. The State does allow groups to meet outside free–something to do with that pesky US Constitution and the right to assemble.

    However, would the NM Legislature be willing to let the Santa Fe Tea Party; the Santa Fe Federated Republican Women;the Rio Grande Foundation; or an anti abortion group use the Senate Chambers for free? Just wondering. This could open the doors up to all non profits and political organizations. Meeting space is at a premium in Santa Fe and is a huge part of most organization budgets. Yippie! Another car has been added to the free gravey train!

  2. Enjoyed reading Orlando Baca’s comment Aug. 3rd.
    Letting any group use the Capitol Building for meetings sounds like not only a logistical problem but who decides which groups are allowed to use the meeting rooms let alone the “Chambers’. But before saying anything further I would like to see in writing LCS’s policy on “use of meeting rooms” – wonder if they have such a policy? If not maybe it is time they develop one.

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