Why Prosperity Stops at New Mexico’s Border and How to Fix it

Although the focus of this great new book is about the relative absence of prosperity in West Virginia, it could just as well be about New Mexico. The book is receiving lots of attention in WV. Maybe we could get the authors to write about New Mexico too, since it ranks right down there with WV and gets lots of attention in the book.
The first four chapters explain why economic freedom (rather than government) promotes prosperity. Chapters 5 thru 14 lay out specific policy measures that promote prosperity. Notice, however, that New Mexico has been doing just the opposite of what these scholars recommend — NM emphasizes playing favorites (chapter 8), does not emphasize tax competitiveness (chapter 5), does not reduce labor restrictions (chapter 10), does not quit punishing the working poor (chapter 11) and so forth.
This is a good read for those of you who want a better understanding of the relative weakness of NM’s economy. Hat tip: Professor Lawson at Division of Labour.