Why vote against bonds?

No matter where you live in New Mexico (and around the nation) you will be asked to vote on a large number of bonds this election. Statewide we have three bonds on the ballot (senior facilities, libraries, and higher education). In Bernalillo County there are an additional five bonds.

You will be told that voting “yes” won’t raise your taxes (usually property tax). What is left unsaid is that rejecting even ONE bond would result in LOWER taxes.

Sadly, at least in “blue” Bernalillo County, but seemingly in blue New Mexico as well, bonds almost never fail. So, a failed bond or two every few years would ensure that politicians know voters are paying attention and won’t just blindly support whatever they serve up. If I had to pick one to kill statewide it would be Bond 3 for higher education. Locally, I’d look closely at transportation and public housing.