Why Vote for Rail Runnder Tax Hike?

Congress just passed a $700 billion bailout bill. While that deal will inevitably hit average Americans in their pocketbooks there is another “bailout plan” on the ballot this November in New Mexico…whether or not to bail out the Rail Runner. Unlike the Congressional bailout which voters had little real power over, voters will be able to support or oppose the bailout of the Rail Runner that will increase the gross receipts tax by 1/8 cent.
As I point out in today’s New Mexico Business Weekly, the Rail Runner is already nearing completion and there is no reason for voters to bail out this overpriced project now. If we’d been asked to give an up-or-down vote on the project before it was already rolling down the tracks, then a “yes” vote may have been a reasonable choice. At this point, if voters approve this tax hike they are saying nothing but “tax me more.” This seems like an absurd move while we’re in the midst of an economic crisis, but voters are easily duped.