Wild: New Mexico now produces more oil than “old” Mexico

Anyone who follows New Mexico’s budget and politics is well aware that the State is going through an incredible oil boom. As can be seen in the chart below from the Financial Times, New Mexico now produces more oil than the entire nation of Mexico.

This is a testament the American ingenuity, but it is incumbent upon New Mexico’s Legislature and Governor to use this windfall to improve the State’s economy and move the state toward economic prosperity.


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One Reply to “Wild: New Mexico now produces more oil than “old” Mexico”

  1. While the people of New Mexico receive the worse education in the nation, our Governor and her staff benefit to the tune of $100,000 per year given by our failed legislature for them to spend as they see fit, Why don’t we see how our state’s revenue is spent? The last itemized list I saw were numerous liquor, high end meat, type purchases from trader joe’s. This is NM transparency per Governor Michelle. This Governor has been anti-fossil fuel from the beginning, unless it benefit’s her directly. Much like old Joe.

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