Will “crisis” finally spur long-overdue postal reform?

Principled free market advocates have long called for reform of the US Postal Service. It is NOT a state issue per se so the Rio Grande Foundation has not taken it up, but the National Taxpayers Union (Gessing’s former employer) has long advocated for reform of the government-sponsored monopoly and you can find a trove of information about what Congress should have done to transform the Post Office many years ago.

You can read comments submitted by Pete Sepp, president of NTU here. Simply put, politically-motivated decisions on the part of the Postal Service (combined with its monopoly-status) have led us inexorably to the current situation. The issue of mail-in voting (and whether that is a good idea or whether the Post Office can handle that volume) is related, but quite separate.

Ultimately, the only way to “save” the postal service from its awful management and perverse incentives is to put private management in charge and have them compete with FedEx and UPS.

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