Will Obama Use State of the Union to Outline Unilateral Action?

State of the Union speeches are normally applause-filled snooze-fests. Lots of vague and expensive promises with little bearing on the actual policy situation. This year could be different. In implementing his health care plan, President Obama has bent the rule of law to the breaking point with no fewer than 19 unilateral changes to the Law. Now, according to recent news reports, he is threatening even more unilateral action.

The last thing America needs is for the Obama Administration to completely discard the Constitution by circumventing Congress to enact new regulations and wealth redistribution schemes. The Rio Grande Foundation, along with dozens of other state policy research institutes, has signed a letter to this effect that can be found here.

It is of dire importance that the presidency be restrained (no matter which party holds the White House).

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One Reply to “Will Obama Use State of the Union to Outline Unilateral Action?”

  1. The sole promise the President intends to keep is that he exceed his authority under the Constitution, using his political police (Justice, FBI, IRS, et al) to try to control his opposition.

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