Will Republicans take control of the New Mexico House in 2014?

I don’t have a crystal ball and don’t know the answer to that question, but at least one media outlet, The Washington Examiner, has written a story discussing the possibility. West Virginia is also on the list of states seen as possibly “flipping.”

Interestingly, a national Democrat organization has thrown in the towel on the race for Gov. in NM while the New York Times claims that Sen. Udall is a “shoe-in” for reelection as well. The relative scarcity of competitive “up-ticket” races could certainly raise the profile of some of these legislative races.

As I wrote in our recent policy brief and discuss in the opinion piece below, New Mexico is in desperate need of conservative leadership in the Legislature. We’ve provided what we think are some politically-popular, free market ideas. Also, see the opinion piece outlining these ideas that ran in the Rio Rancho Observer. Please pass this information along to candidates in legislative races of either party. It is time for a change in the Land of Enchantment.

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5 Replies to “Will Republicans take control of the New Mexico House in 2014?”

  1. Good news, Paul. Let’s hope in Susana’s 2nd term she shows some bold creative ideas (like using that $20 billion royalty fund to cut all NM income taxes to zero).

  2. In reply to John Williams: Too many New Mexican’s have voted for Tom Udall based off of name recognition, and simply because of Party affiliation. If more voters simply did their homework, they would find that Senator Udall really DOES NOT represent them. The key to this upcoming election season will be to inform the electorate. Get them asking questions about the politicians who are running. If that happens, there can be a change with not only our Senate but also the New Mexico legislature.

  3. I grew up in Texas. Democrats held the state House until the mid 2000s. Thst’s when the economic boom in TX took off . NM will never prosper while corrupt, business as always Dems control the legislature.

    1. I don’t know a great deal about Texas politics, but I do know that they’ve been a zero income tax and right to work state for quite a long time. I think the issue is mostly one of philosophy as opposed to party designation. New Mexico is the way it is because we’ve always relied on the government. Until that mentality changes and the zeitgeist becomes one of entrepreneurship and free markets, New Mexico will continue to struggle.

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