Will Santa Fe harm the environment by baning plastic bags?

Santa Fe is considering yet another economically and environmentally-dubious policy idea. In this case, the policy under consideration is a ban on plastic shopping bags. Thankfully, even in the “People’s Republic,” this policy is generating opposition. You can add your voice to the opposition by clicking here and sending a message to your City Councilor.

The devil, as they say, is always in the details. Todd Myers of the Washington Policy Center who actually visited “The City Different” earlier this year, speaks out regularly about “Eco-Fads” and has even written a book on the topic. As he writes in this article, bans on plastic bags actually have a net-negative impact on the environment due to increased energy use.

So, rather than jumping on the bandwagon and doing something that feels good, but ultimately harms the environment, Santa Feans should take a close look at the proposal to ban the bags and say “no.”

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3 Replies to “Will Santa Fe harm the environment by baning plastic bags?”

  1. This proposal is hilarious! What shoreline will Santa Fe protect expect to protect with such a ban?

    A logical solution would be to enforce the laws against littering that surely exist, ad nauseum, on the books. Business shouldn’t bear the brunt of the few townspeople who don’t care enough to clean up after themselves. Paper, plastic, etc., it doesn’t matter. It will all blow down the street if you don’t dispose of it properly.

    You want a cleaner environment? Enforce the laws against littering. A fine or two would work magic with even the most ignorant offender.

    Of course the “logical solution” is not what is likely to occur. New Mexico needs more leaders that apply common sense to even the most mundane challenge.

  2. Andrews comment is irresponsible.

    How does raising the cost of living on everyone solve a lifestyle problem?

    That would mean that the higher the taxes get, the more socially responsible we become as human beings. Right?

    Taxing people into submission will not stop individuals from littering. Enforcing the laws, just might. Try that first, before imposing, yet another,tax on the citizens.

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