Will students return to classrooms…by next fall?

Teacher unions nationwide have been the leading opponents of in-person learning. The ongoing debate in Chicago is the most high-profile place where unions are pushing HARD against returning to classrooms. There has not been much debate on this in New Mexico, but non-unionized districts have been more inclined to return to hybrid learning whereas union-heavy districts have stayed with remote learning.  

The paragraphs below are taken directly from a New York Times article which details the Biden Administration’s efforts to get students back to class and union efforts to push back. There are even concerns about returning to classrooms THIS FALL. 

UPDATE: Shortly after this post was written Gov. MLG “reopened” schools to 50% hybrid schooling, but she left the “final decision” open to districts. That’s a welcome development and we’re confident that rural districts can get started with opening. APS has already said they will not return on the 8th of Feb. and we’ll just see about other big, union-dominated districts.