Will We Ever Be Able to Limit Government?

Chuck Muth comments today on how Colorado voters are like New Mexican voters. They have been fooled:

It was only a little over a month ago that voters in Colorado, spooked by “the sky is falling” rhetoric of the left and a few misguided souls on the right, decided to suspend the spending restraints imposed by the state’s TABOR law (Taxpayer Bill of Rights) and allow the government to keep budget surpluses for the next five years. Voters were warned in ominous terms that unless they loosened TABOR’s restrictions, critical and necessary government operations would have to be cut.
Voters bought it, proving once again that it IS possible to fool a majority of the voters a lot of the time. And as Brendan Miniter points out in Monday’s Political Diary, “The state is now allowed to keep an estimated $3.7 billion in revenue it otherwise would have had to give back to the people.”
So what are the politicians planning to do with their share of the loot?
Well, in Boulder, Colorado, local officials intend to use some of the new-found dough to fund efforts to make their county “climate neutral” by 2025. As Miniter explains, this means “offsetting any greenhouse gases (the county) creates by planting trees and funding other ‘green’ programs.” One of those other “green” programs already being discussed is requiring “contractors to use both sides of the paper they use to submit bids.”
Good grief.
Your tax dollars are the football. The politicians are “Lucy.” And the taxpayers are “Charlie Brown.” The TABOR referendum in November was Lucy telling Charlie Brown to “trust her,” that she wouldn’t yank the football away at the last minute as Charlie Brown tries to kick it.
And once again voters are finding themselves flat on their backs. Will we never learn?