Wingnut op-ed hits Journal/Tribune

Rarely does an opinion piece get published in both the <a href="“>Albuquerque Tribune and the <a href="“>Journal, but recently an outfit called the Quivira Coalition which is holding their annual conference in Albuquerque, scored that success.
Unfortunately, the Coalition seems to be like so many other environmental groups in wishing to turn back the clock on modernity. We are supposedly living in an “Age of Consequences” according to Courtney White, the author, who goes on to compare the future to a hurricane coming ashore. The metaphor, unfortunately, fails to hold water, and arguments to “build resilience” are senseless or even meaningless.
The best White comes up with is the concept of “regional solutions.” That would seem to mean that trade, commuting, and travel are on their way out in the coming “hurricane.” Despite the occasional unsafe good from China, trade is good for all of us. Worse still for the Quivira folks is the fact that international trade is booming. In fact, international trade is growing at rates more than double the growth of the world economy, thus trade is becoming more, not less important.
Despite what leftists would like to believe, we are not headed to a crisis unless we cave to their wishes by regulating our economy whether that be in regulating energy usage or trade. Left to their own devices, Americans and indeed the rest of the world as a whole will continue to realize the very real benefits of trade, ignoring the tempests in the proverbial teapot expounded upon by Al Gore and others.