With no end to COVID restrictions in sight, Democrat-run Legislature’s failure to address emergencies looms

Yesterday New Mexicans were subjected to yet another press conference from the Gov. and her health advisor David Scrase. In terms of COVID 19 the news is all good. More counties continue to move into the turquoise level although (unfortunately) many major population centers (including Bernalillo County) remain in yellow.

But regardless of which level various counties are at, David Scrase and the Gov. have said nothing of substance with regard to when the health emergency will end or even when ALL New Mexico businesses can reopen. In fact, the 2021 New Mexico Senior Olympics has been canceled and numerous businesses (bars, bowling alleys, indoor entertainment centers, movie theaters, and trampoline parks) REMAIN closed in the most populated areas of the State.

And, while the 2021 legislative session could have been MUCH worse, the fact is that placing restrictions on this and future governors’ emergency powers was truly THE critical issue facing the State. Unfortunately, Democrats in the Legislature were unwilling to pass needed legislation, especially after the Gov. stated she’d veto such efforts (even though a constitutional amendment would not have required her signature.

Sadly, none of the emergency restrictions even received a vote and were (obviously) not prioritized in the special session: HJR 6, HB 139, and SB 74 were the bills. New Mexico voters MUST take into account the political decision by New Mexico’s elected Democrats NOT to restore a balance of power even in so-called “emergencies.”

Reopening Map: Most New Mexico counties are now in Turquoise level | KOB 4