World’s largest EV charging station powered by diesel generators

As Gov. Lujan Grisham’s plans to have her appointed Environmental Improvement Board issue regulation that would force vastly increased numbers of electric vehicles on New Mexicans, it is worth remembering that EV’s also rely on traditional fossil fuels.

Curiously, as this and other news stories reported recently, the world’s largest EV charging station (Harris Ranch which is based in California and sports 98 bays) is fueled by diesel generators.

According to one of numerous articles about the Harris Ranch facility, “Superchargers charge vehicles up to the 80% sweet spot in as little as 20 minutes, but to provide that kind of power for nearly 100 bays takes something solar can’t provide — diesel generators.”

You can submit comments on the EIB’s proposed mandates directly to the EIB through:

The ABQ Journal had an excellent opinion piece by former Rio Grande Sun editor Robert Trapp (no conservative) decrying the Gov.’s proposed mandates on his community.