Yet another report slams New Mexico education system

The folks at Wallethub have another report which places New Mexico’s K-12 education firmly at the bottom in terms of education systems across the nation. The State ranks dead last in Math and English scores as well as dropout rate. None of this is particularly news to anyone following education policy in New Mexico.

The most telling component of the Wallethub report is the chart below which shows that New Mexico is the very worst performing state in the nation in terms of outcomes even as it is considered a “high spending” state when it comes to K-12 education.

If you are as frustrated by New Mexico’s horrendous educational performance as we are, make it a point to attend our upcoming free education conference on September 22nd. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly Gov. Lujan Grisham’s general approach to New Mexico’s education situation is to ignore it and count on a friendly media to do the same. Over the recent weekend she tweeted the following: