Yippee, ObamaCare insures 1.4 million formerly-uninsured Americans

President Obama recently celebrated the “success” of ObamaCare in insuring 7.1 million Americans. I guess after so many failures and delays, the President will latch onto anything that is not an explicit failure as a “success.”

For starters, the RAND Corporation has found that only 1.4 million of those newly-insured Americans were previously-uninsured. That means less than 20 percent of these signups are newly-insured, but it gets worse.

Remember when the media and others were touting the supposed millions of uninsured Americans to justify passage of the deeply-flawed law? According to the Huffington Post, the figure was 48 million uninsured. So, Obama’s health care law is insuring less than three percent of these supposedly-uninsured Americans. All of this at a cost to the American taxpayer of trillions of dollars (the price tag continues to rise as seen below) and piles of costly new regulations, not to mention the credibility of the Obama Administration and his allies in Congress.

Of course, due to the ObamaCare law’s reliance on artificial deadlines, for the first time in American history, the purchase of a perfectly legal product (the purchase of which is an explicit goal of government policy) is now prohibited until 2015.

This health care law is an amazing mess. It can’t be saved because every aspect of the law moved health care away from individual control and financing and towards centralization and third-party payment. It is time to end this debacle!

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3 Replies to “Yippee, ObamaCare insures 1.4 million formerly-uninsured Americans”

  1. I suspect most readers glaze over costs that are denoted in billions and trillions – our brains just think “big number”. However, dividing the $2.6T cost by 1.4M additional covered people yields $1.85M or $185,000 per person per year over 10 years. $185,000 per year is a lot to spend on ONE person’s health insurance and that is just the “insurance”, not the total cost of care. Of course most folks knew going in that this would be another boondoggle like all other centrally planned, massive government expenditures. Unfortunately it happened anyway.

  2. Paul I know a number of states have filed suit against the government to stop the inforcement of Obama care. How would we in the House be able to make to the attorney general faile suit?

    1. I don’t think the Legislature can do anything to get the Attorney General to file suit or do much of anything of that matter. He’s an independently-elected public official. That’s why it’s important we elect a good Attorney General.

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