You Just Shouldn’t Need City Council Approval for that!

An article in the business section of today’s Albuquerque Journal caught my eye. “Los Cuates May Fill Space at Sunport.” Well, that’s nice, it looks like the spot vacated by Gardunos will be filled.

Then I read further into the article…subject to approval from City Council…! Seriously, regardless of what actually happens with this vote — I hope it is approved — is managing the restaurants that do business in the Albuquerque Sunport really the job of City Council? Me, I’d like to see management of the terminal done by a private company which would likely do a better job at a far lower price…and they wouldn’t have to get City Council’s approval to add a new restaurant.

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5 Replies to “You Just Shouldn’t Need City Council Approval for that!”

  1. Speaking of needing city council approval, there will be no beer sales at UNM football and basketball games because the officials from UNM failed to kiss the rings of the council members.

  2. I am almost seven decades old and I have lived in New Mexico for over three of those. I can not ever remember in my life time so many daily newspaper articles on State, County, and City thievery. Now I read that their leader is going to have his name on roads, bridges, buildings to remind us of our electorate stupidity. Thanks

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