You know your (government) job is secure…

There are plenty of good government workers out there, but how secure is your job when the firing of three City workers is front-page (above-the-fold) news? Certainly, fraud and all of the abuses of power that were apparently taking place are big issues that give cause to the firings, but does anyone in government ever get fired for mere incompetence?

Of course, we expect that the government workers union will find some reason to challenge these firings and will make the process far more costly for taxpayers (and lengthy) than it should be, but we applaud Mayor Berry and his staff for taking firm action when needed. The City of Albuquerque is slowly become a more efficiently-run, less corrupt place due to his efforts.

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2 Replies to “You know your (government) job is secure…”

  1. I say good for Mayor Berry. Unions are an anachronism. Take them on. I don’t think the taxpayers will mind spending their dollars to weaken any arrogant organization that preys on taxpayer money.

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