You know you’ve made it when you’re on “Democracy Now”

If you’ve never tuned in to Amy Goodman and the extreme left-wingers over at “Democracy Now,” you usually aren’t missing much. Goodman’s column also runs on occasion in the Albuquerque Journal, so residents of the Duke City can get more “Democracy” than they want.

Why am I giving her space on my blog? Recently, Goodman and her cronies aired a lengthy story in which they cast any conservative organization as in the throes of a vast right wing network of donors. But, if you fast-forward the video to the 20:25 mark, you’ll see a “report” on own New Mexico Watchdog Report and Jim Scarantino’s report on “phantom Congressional districts” to which “stimulus” money was sent.

Of course, Goodman and her cronies attempt to downplay the Watchdog story, but the truth is that if the government can’t get simple congressional district information even remotely correct, how do you expect it to track complicated data such as jobs created and lost? So, thanks “Democracy Now” for the airtime. I’m sure we can expect to be interviewed for a more even-handed story in the future.