2020, the year of government overreach

When it comes to writing a history of 2020 there is no question that COVID 19 is THE dominant issue. The real question is (as we have seen after every crisis) to what extent government will grow and freedom will recede when the Virus no longer predominates.

Objectively, government officials have done a poor job throughout. They based lockdowns and “social distancing” policies on a science fair project done more than a decade ago by an Albuquerque 15 year old. on Here is an excellent piece detailing 12 times the “lockdowners” were wrong.

And then there are the ongoing school closures (see link and story below). Of course here in New Mexico our Gov. and her lockdowns have destroyed hundreds (even thousands) of businesses and resulted in absurd “breadlines” to get into grocery stores.

Unlike most of New Mexico’s harmful economic policies, arguably the most problematic aspect of the current situation is that it has been undertaken by ONE person (the Gov.) with no real checks or balances let alone transparency. This HAS to change when the Legislature convenes in 2021.

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2 Replies to “2020, the year of government overreach”

  1. Don’t get your hopes up that the Dem controlled state legislature will attempt to rein in the powers of the Dem governor. It could have done so during this year’s special session but did absolutely nothing. Sadly, probably the only way to avoid the tyranny is to simply leave the state.

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