Basketball vs. Fair: MLG’s COVID hypocrisy on full display

Recently RGF raised the question of whether Gov. Lujan Grisham will mandate vaccines for attendees of Lobo/Aggie basketball games as she did for the New Mexico State Fair.

While we DO NOT support such a mandate and we oppose them on principle, it DOES strike us as HIGHLY dubious, especially when New Mexico’s COVID hospitalizations are considered.

As you can see below, New Mexico is seeing an increase in COVID cases and hospitalizations. Back on September 9, 2021, the first weekday of the New Mexico State Fair, New Mexico had 370 COVID hospitalizations. As of Nov. 1, 2021 (the latest date available as of this writing)  New Mexico has 368 hospitalizations. In other words, the COVID situation is as bad now as it was when the Fair began.

The Lobos season starts on November 5. Will COVID cases suddenly drop in New Mexico or will MLG’s hypocrisy towards Fair attendees and participants be on full display? Of course, the Fair is held outside and in large barns. The Pit crowd is very tightly packed.