Biden is ALSO coming for your gas vehicle

We have written extensively in this space about MLG’s efforts to get rid of gas vehicles in New Mexico. Sadly (but not surprisingly) the Biden Administration is pushing regulations to do the same thing.

Under the latest regulatory push,  new autos sold in the United States would achieve an average fuel economy of 58 miles per gallon by 2032.  In order for automakers to achieve that average, about two-thirds of the new cars they sell by that year would have to be all-electric.

Comments are due by October 16, 2023. If you are inclined to comment, you can do so here. 

RGF has commented in opposition. You can read those by applying the comment tracking number below here. We have listed some of the major flaws with EV’s here. 

Comment Tracking Number: lnc-aod7-06pz

In the clash of the EV chargers, it's Tesla vs. everyone else | MIT Technology Review