Biden is ALSO coming for your gas vehicle

We have written extensively in this space about MLG’s efforts to get rid of gas vehicles in New Mexico. Sadly (but not surprisingly) the Biden Administration is pushing regulations to do the same thing.

Under the latest regulatory push,  new autos sold in the United States would achieve an average fuel economy of 58 miles per gallon by 2032.  In order for automakers to achieve that average, about two-thirds of the new cars they sell by that year would have to be all-electric.

Comments are due by October 16, 2023. If you are inclined to comment, you can do so here. 

RGF has commented in opposition. You can read those by applying the comment tracking number below here. We have listed some of the major flaws with EV’s here. 

Comment Tracking Number: lnc-aod7-06pz

In the clash of the EV chargers, it's Tesla vs. everyone else | MIT Technology Review

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5 Replies to “Biden is ALSO coming for your gas vehicle”

  1. I guess if you can’t afford an electric vehicle, you’re screwed. At this stage of my life, the car I have is perfect. Being on a fixed income, there is NO electric car in my future, but I am happy with what I have. These people need to stop and think about all their airline miles. One flight puts out more carbon emissions than my car will in a lifetime.

  2. Biden doesn’t care about anyone or anything but his agenda. I do not have money for an electric car nor do I want one. He has lots of money , but most of us have to budget for a large scale item if we can afford it at all. When do those of us who pay his salary ever even get thought about? When do we matter?

  3. The click-bait headline claiming Biden is “coming for your vehicle” is erroneous because no one is taking away a gas vehicle you currently have.
    We’ve been on a trajectory to improve gas mileage for decades, interrupted only by Trump who stopped progress on making cars more efficient, thus making us more dependent on limited fossil fuels while enriching the oil companies with record profits.
    Having broken my addiction to gas vehicles with an EV, I’m more convinced they are the future. My EV charges overnight with electricity provided at half price during off-peak hour, giving me 300 miles for $3.
    EVs are less expensive than the average car. They require less maintenance, further reducing operating costs. Battery packs are guaranteed for 8-10 years. Old packs can be recycled and new ones will come down in price.
    There is nothing scary about EVs, but addiction to the oil companies is.

  4. Monday pm Oct 16 in Albuquerque is the final public comment session for the draft “advanced clean cars and trucks” rule, which is still in such a draft form, it still references the California Rules from which it was cut-and-pasted. Online comments can be submitted, and in-person meeting info can be found, through the NMED website, go to “calendar”, click on this meeting for further info.

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