Episode 419: Bad Numbers for New Mexico Economy, Tax Policy Changes to Come? and more

The state-by-state economic data are in for the first quarter. New Mexico’s numbers are not pretty.

There was an interim committee hearing recently about tax policy.

Legislators also discussed user fees for electric vehicles as a way of getting them to pay for road use. Last week the governor unveiled two new electric vehicle charging stations in Socorro, which will use $10 million in state funds along with $38 million in federal infrastructure for a network of electric vehicle charging stations to be located every 50 miles along New Mexico’s interstates. Paul was recently on a road trip with his family. He has the latest gas prices and the lack of Electric vehicles on the road.

MLG’s campaign fibbed about a supposed beneficiary of “free college.” KOAT 7 called her on it.

Mark Ronchetti outraises incumbent Michelle Lujan Grisham $1.2m to $755k in first post-primary financial report.

The latest RailRunner data are out and while ridership is better than when it was shut down entirely, it is still WAY down from the peak.