Episode 508: Debt Ceiling Deal, Virgin Galactic Launch Up Stock Down, ABQ Public Schools Budget, Pre-K Effectiveness Questions, “Mississippi’s Miracle”, Solar NIMBY in Santa Fe

On this week’s conversation Paul and Wally discuss the contents of the debt ceiling deal. While they agree that it is better than nothing, their “real” interest now shifts to the political battle between the mainstream and left/right in both parties.

Virgin Galactic had a successful launch last week, but their stock plummeted simultaneously. Why? 

In education-related news, Albuquerque Public Schools adopted a massive $2.16 billion budget last week. The Associated Press discovers “Mississippi’s miracle.” The media (and a new study) falsely claim that pre-K is improving New Mexico education. 

There is an impending battle over a massive Santa Fe solar development. Will NIMBY interests or the environmental activists win?