Judge invalidates Biden LNG pause & more

LNG - Liquified natural gas tanker with gas tanks powered with h2 hydrogen engines on the ocean, essentail deliver LNG. selective focus. 3d rendering

Calling the policy “without reason or logic,” a judge has overturned the Biden Administration’s “pause” on permits for liquefied natural gas. The decision comes just in time to force the Biden Administration’s hand on what could be the nation’s largest export terminal for liquefied natural gas which recently won approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory Administration. 

RGF has recently called Biden’s ban “absurd” so it sounds like the federal judge was of the same mindset. We don’t know exactly what the next move will be for the Biden Administration since he’s not exactly known for following the rule of law, but this is a good move by the judge and will help the US economy, reduce CO2 emissions and will help our allies wean themselves off of Russian oil.