Just what ABQ needs: taxpayer-funded “free” rideshare services

According to a news story from KOB TV, the City of Albuquerque Transit Department has created a new “ride sharing service” that is described as being “just like Uber and Lyft.” The system is touted as a year-long pilot program meant to serve “underserved areas” which currently include the South Valley and the North Valley areas. The service is set to launch on Monday, March 18. According to a separate story from KRQE the “service is free for customers, but it will cost the city about $26 per ride.”

This is exactly the type of government overreach Rio Grande Foundation takes issue with. We have already requested the budgeted annual cost and source of the funds for this program.

Infographic providing step by step instruction for how to use the ABQ RIDE Connect app to schedule rides.